About DoggWater (Don’t Urban Dictionary it)

I eat better than 99% of humans. I’m like the 1 percenter of healthy eating habits.

Race tensions are pretty high in 2019. Not for dogs. We’ll hump anything.

Why Dogs?

Dogs are better than cats. This also means that Dog People are better than Cat People.

Congratulations on being a better person!

This is a stock photo of an iPhone 6, a notepad and a pen. This has nothing to do with dogs. Dogs can’t write or use a phone (Well maybe they could potentially use a phone, but definitely don’t possess the physiological ability to hold a pen… unless someone attached a pen to the dog with tape, but there isn’t tape in the picture, so that idea is not valid).

A picture of tape to make the previous picture above to be relevant to dogs.

Mr. DoggWater as a pup.

Get in Touch You Dumb Human.

777 Goodboy St

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